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By Stacee Sledge
Whatcom Magazine, Holiday Bonus Edition 200

Six of our favorite things found in Whatcom County

Sweet stocking stuffers
The elves may not be able to resist nibbling on these imported chocolates. With 100 varieties from as far away as Spain, Italy,Colombia and Russia
in fragrant flavors such as anise and Earl Grey only Scrooge won’t find a favorite.
Imported chocolates, $0.25-$9.65. Southside News, 1200 10th St., Suite 103, 647-7400 www.southside-news.com.


It takes a visage
Get a global perspective on Christmas with these hand-crafted ornaments from Nepal. Each papier-mâché orb is painted in a one-of-a-kind style that brings international flair to trimming your tree.
Nepalese ornaments, $5 each. The Lucky Monkey, 114 W. Magnolia St., 392-2819.


On a grand scale
Whether you’re channeling Bing Crosby crooning “White Christmas” or aiming for a stirring rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer,” your caroling will win kudos with this Victorian grand piano. The period styling and high-gloss mahogany finish will add a Dickensian touch to your décor.
Grand piano, $24,900. Rawlings Music, 3030 Northwest Ave., 647-9435, www.rawlingsmusic.com.


Cherubs for charity
By donating homemade stained glass angels for fundraising, Larry Green of Bellingham has raised more than $6,000 since 2001 for the Interfaith Coalition, which assists low-income families. Deck the halls and do a good deed.
Stained glass angels, $13. Interfaith Coalition office at First Congregational Church, 2401 Cornwall Ave., 734-3983.


Bird buddy
Banish the brrrrrr from winter birdbaths with this 200-watt electric heater. Safe for use in all materials from pottery to plastic, the immersed fixture keeps the water temperature between 50 and 60 degrees, plus it shuts off automatically if the basin runs dry.
Nelson Blue Devil bird bath heater, $54.99.
Wild Bird Chalet, 705 Kentucky St., 734-0969, www.wildbirdchalet.com.


Top it all off
It may be practical (made of sturdy Scotchgard-treated virgin wool), but this packable Pendleton hat is sure to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. You’re ready for whatever winter weather Whatcom County dishes out. Wind, rain or cold, just choose your adventure.
Pendleton Indy hat, $48.
Goff’s Department Store, 674 Peace Portal Dr., Blaine, 332-6663.


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